Unlocking the Benefits of Project-Based Employment

Project-Based Employment with Peoplebank’s consulting division, Leaders IT

In today's rapidly evolving job market, traditional employment structures are giving way to more flexible arrangements that cater to the dynamic needs of both employers and employees. One such innovative approach is project-based employment, a concept that is gaining traction across various industries. To delve deeper into the advantages of this model, we sat down with Chathu Jayawardena, an Account Manager for Peoplebank, to explore the benefits offered through their consulting arm, Leaders IT.


Benefits of project-based employment

One of the standout features of project-based employment, according to Chathu, is the unique blend of flexibility and stability it offers to consultants. She highlights the ability of consultants to enjoy benefits traditionally associated with permanent employment, such as paid leave, notice period and professional development opportunities, while still retaining the flexibility inherent in contract roles. Chathu asserts, "You can work contractually, but you can actually get many of the benefits of a permanent employee."


Community and Support

What sets Leaders IT’s talent solution apart is its emphasis on fostering a sense of community among its project-based consultants. Chathu emphasises that consultants are not just individuals working in isolation but are part of a larger community that supports their growth and development. She explains, "When you are a Leaders IT consultant, you are part of a bigger community, this connection ensures you have access to a wealth of expertise and guidance whenever necessary.”


Career Advancement Opportunities

Project-based employment with Leaders IT goes beyond just completing tasks; it offers tangible pathways for career advancement. Chathu reveals that many consultants have seized the opportunity to upskill and obtain certifications, thanks to the support provided by Leaders IT. She shares, "I had someone enrolled for Cisco CISSP certification last year because of the support we provided, and they mentioned they would not have considered enrolling if they didn’t have the support from Leaders IT”


Benefits for Clients

Clients also reap numerous benefits from engaging project-based consultants through Leaders IT. Chathu points out that this model enables clients to access a broader pool of candidates, including those who typically shy away from short-term contract roles. Moreover, by offering study allowances and professional development opportunities, clients can reduce training costs.


Smooth Transition and Continuous Support

One of the most notable aspects of project-based employment with Leaders IT is the seamless transition between contracts and the continuous support provided to consultants. Chathu highlights the dedicated support team that ensures consultants are well looked after, even during transitions between assignments. She emphasises, "We have a Leaders IT support team that's specifically there to manage your contract and your career growth and help secure your next opportunity."



As the job market continues to evolve, project-based employment emerges as a compelling option for both employers and job seekers alike. Through its consulting arm, Leaders IT, Peoplebank is at the forefront of providing innovative solutions that combine the flexibility of contract work with the stability and support of traditional employment models. With a focus on community, career advancement, and seamless transitions, project-based employment offers a win-win scenario for all parties involved.


As Chathu emphasises, "It's a great option for anyone to look at and join." With Leaders IT leading the way, the future of work is indeed looking brighter for project-based professionals.

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