Exploring Growth and Renewal: Peoplebank and Leaders IT's Hunter Valley Retreat

​“We spent a great few days with the Peoplebank and Leaders IT team in the Hunter valley. There was laughter, and excitement as we celebrated the history of the business and talked about building on the momentum we’ve created to now go forward and achieve our goals!
-Tim Moran, Managing Director, Peoplebank and Leaders IT

​Recently, our teams at Peoplebank and Leaders IT embarked on an unforgettable journey to the picturesque Hunter Valley in New South Wales. Amidst the rolling vineyards and serene landscapes, we found not just relaxation, but a sense of connection, growth, and renewal.

Over the course of three enriching days, we seized the opportunity to reconnect with our colleagues from across Australia, fostering bonds that transcend distance and division. As we shared stories, laughter, and aspirations, it became clear that the amazing people that make up our team are the cornerstone of our success.

On day one we took time to reflect on the remarkable journey we've undertaken since our inception in 1990. We celebrated our achievements, acknowledged our challenges, and embraced the lessons learned along the way. We heard from IT procurement expert Andrew Camilleri who shared his extensive experience and strategies for forming meaningful client relationships.

But perhaps most importantly, on day two we looked to the future with unwavering optimism and determination. With excitement and anticipation, we unveiled our ambitious plans for the next three years – plans that promise to propel us to even greater heights, as we strive to become bigger, better, and more impactful than ever before. In a series of group workshops, we brainstormed and shared insights, offering new ideas and solutions to take into the next three years. We also unveiled our new employee recognition program to ensure all the amazing work done in our business is recognised and celebrated.

As we returned from our retreat, reinvigorated and inspired, we carry with us the spirit of camaraderie, the clarity of purpose, and the boundless potential that define our collective journey. Here's to the next chapter of growth, innovation, and success for Peoplebank and Leaders IT!

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