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People at Peoplebank

Our employees have been an integral part of our success. With approximately 200 internal employees, our aim is to attract, develop and retain the best people.

Watch our employee testimonial video:

Peoplebank Employee
“Peoplebank’s vision and values are a blueprint for individual/company success and tangible reflection of life at Peoplebank, not just lip service or tired clichés” Adam, joined December 1996
Peoplebank Employee
“Peoplebank offers leading systems & technologies, flexible work environment, leadership focused on individuals’ needs, who preaches the value of team and community producing an environment that is healthy, successful and highly enjoyable.” Zaaron, joined January 2000

Leadership at Peoplebank

“Our (leadership) culture is based on being positive about our people’s success, having fun and celebrating achievement. You see, at Peoplebank, we view leadership as not defined by the exercise of power but the capacity to increase the sense of power among those who are led.”Peter Acheson,
CEO Peoplebank

Leadership offsite 2012 at Megenta Shores

What's great about our teams?

“As a really successful company, the ‘vibe’ here is really positive. We challenge our employees to excel and we reward and encourage them. When you join Peoplebank you join a winning team!” Queensland Manager
“The Perth team is a solid unit pushing for the same end goal to be the Number 1 in our local market and part of Number 1 nationally. We know how to have fun but also how to get the job done well.” Western Australia Manager
“The benefits of working in the People and Performance team at Peoplebank are that we are empowered to implement exciting projects, which are supported by the leadership team. We work with a leadership team that understands, and reinforces, the true value of employees.”People & Performance Manager
“Our people are fantastic to work with. They are fun, dynamic and care about what they do. They have built great client relationships with some of Australia’s largest companies. If you come on board you will be challenged and stretched. You will work alongside some of the industry greats and be recognised and rewarded for high achievement.” Victoria Manager
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