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No one loves going through the process of a job interview, it's not just meeting a new person. It's an important moment for many people which can bring up some anxiety. We understand that. So to help you through the process here are a few job interview tips.

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Be punctual
You should aim to arrive 10-15 minutes before your interview starts. It may seem annoying to wait around but it's much more annoying to make a bad impression and feel flustered before even shaking your interviewer's hand. 

Dress appropriately
Pay attention to your personal grooming and dress appropriately for the company (research this before your interview). 

First impressions matter
Be friendly and vibrant. Even if you're nervous I know you can manage a smile and some interesting small talk. But it's not all in the talk and the smile. Give a firm handshake, maintain eye contact and importantly have positive and interested body language.

Be comfortable to talk about yourself
At the beginning of an interview be ready to discuss some of your interests and experiences (most often those outside of work) as an icebreaker. 

Know what you are talking about
Demonstrate to the interviewer that you have a good understanding of the industry, the company, and the role by adding information you have learned from research to your answers and by asking informed questions of your interviewer.

Prepare for the job interview
This is your chance to show the interviewer that you are interested in not just the role, but how the company will be a great fit as well. Prepare specific questions about the role and company that you wish to ask. Going through a list of behavioural interview questions beforehand will help mentally prepare for the type of job interview questions you are likely to be asked.

Relate questions to your experience
When answering questions, use practical examples from past experiences that demonstrate you have the skills and personality traits for the job.
Take your time before answering questions, although not too much time.

Don't rush your responses
Listen carefully to questions, if you don’t understand a question, or did not hear it properly, ask for clarification. Always be sure to connect your skills and experience to the needs of the employer.

Ask questions!
Don't be afraid to ask questions about the role and the company. This shows the interviewer that you have prepared and done some research into the company and the position and it is a great way to learn about the company culture. It also shows you're interested and serious about being there. Sometimes thinking of questions can be the tricky part but there are plenty of ideas on our questions to ask during your interview page. 

Be positive
Keep positive throughout – even if the interview seems a disaster.

Time to shine
You know you're the right fit, so show them why! Sell yourself. Your resume has got you this far, but you now need to communicate why you are the right person for the job.

Don't get sloppy
Sometimes an interviewer can be so warm and friendly that they put you at ease. This is awesome, but don’t be too informal, they're still interested in making sure you're the right person.

At the end
Always thank them for their time and let them know that you are interested in the role.

Adding the above tips to your repertoire of interview techniques will assist you through the interview. And there are many guides that are available and that may be able to assist. If you still have some nerves read our article on  5 sure ways to rid interview nerves.

We hope that the above few interview tips are able to help you during your next interview process. Good luck!

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