The Benefits of Contracting

Contracting can get a bad rap, and it’s true, there are particular cons to being a contractor predominantly to do with work security and unpaid leave. However, there are many benefits for an IT contractor, especially when things are made easier for them by going through a recruitment agency. Here are those benefits.

For one thing, you’ll earn more as a contractor

Contractors can charge more and are generally paid more by the hour or day. Sometimes these earnings can make up for permanent employee benefits because they often cover the difference of employee perks. Sometimes it can be difficult to gain motivation to work an extra hour here or there during the week to get some more work done. As a contractor, this motivation can be increased because of the earnings that can be made in that hour.

There is flexibility

If you want to work a few extra hours one day it can cost a lot less for a contractor to take the day off. Contracting often allows for flexibility because of the way they are paid. It’s up to the contractor how much they are willing to sacrifice pay if they want to have a shorter day for example. Depending on the role, as an IT contractor, often people are able to work from home also.

There is variety

Some people prefer going to the same place for years, doing the same or similar roles. Whilst IT contractors are able to experience different workplaces, roles and projects. These kinds of changes keep things interesting and exciting for a contractor. But at times, this idea scares people and reminds them of how they may soon be out of a job. However, when working with a recruitment agency, contractors are often lined up for future positions when they are nearing the end of a contract. At Peoplebank we have a NextJob program that ensures our contractors are protected and will be placed in the right position for them when they are ready for their next role.

You don’t need approval for your time off

It can be a perk that you can take some time off between jobs to spend time with family or catch up on hobbies. Also, if you are sick or want to take a holiday, you can do so without concern about leave hours accrued. Of course, any time off as a contractor needs to be discussed and signed off by the person you report to. But clients are generally fine for contractors to take breaks as there is no cost to them. The downside here is that you aren’t paid for time off. But many times, employees are only given a certain amount of leave hours where they can be paid and sometimes have to take unpaid leave for longer trips away.

You don’t have to deal with office politics

When you are dedicated to a single project, you often only have to deal with your own team of people and can avoid the major politics of an office or company. This can help you focus on the task at hand and get the results you were hired to get.