10 jobs around Australia earning $120K or more

Sydney, Australia, 19 May 2016. Peoplebank, Asia Pacific’s leading IT and digital recruitment agency, has today released the Autumn 2016 edition of its ICT Salary and Employment Index (S&EI), highlighting 10 jobs based around Australia where salaries are being offered at a minimum of AU$120,000 per annum.

The report is developed quarterly and benchmarks ICT salaries and job vacancies in Australia. The latest edition demonstrates a steady growth in the ICT and digital jobs market, particularly in the states of New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.

The roles identified as offering over AU$120,000 were:

StateJobMinimum annual salary (AUD)Maximum annual salary (AUD)
NSWProgram Manager – IT Project Office130200
NSWCIO/IT Director200350
ACTSolutions Architect – Development120165
ACTSecurity Architect130160
VICTest Manager – Development120150
QLDChange Manager – Organisational120180
WAEnterprise Architect – Development120180
WAApplications Development Manager – large scale120170
SAComputer Operations Manager120140
SATechnology and Infrastructure Manager130160

Peter Acheson, CEO of Peoplebank, commented, “We’re seeing steady growth in the ICT and digital jobs market stem from a continuous investment in digital technologies by Australian businesses. With a renewed focus on driving customer-centric experiences on a range of channels, there has been particularly high demand for user experience, customer experience, and data-related roles such as business intelligence professionals.”

Mr Acheson believes the strong demand is still outweighing the local supply of talent and businesses need to think more innovatively than ever to ensure they are offering both jobs and workplaces that are attractive to candidates.

“The fight for talent is clearly increasing in competitiveness, and we’re hearing more and more from candidates that they’re not just looking for high salaries, but also compelling work that they can have autonomy over, and be proud of,” continued Mr Acheson. “Employers and HR Directors should be looking at the roles they are offering as a whole and striving to offer jobs that come with flexibility, autonomy, creative opportunities, challenges, supportive teams, and compelling career paths. While money is a key driver for many candidates, it’s still only one point among many considerations for most.”

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