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Great Cyber Security Opportunities are Available now

According to the PWC Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey (2018), over 31% of respondents say they were targeted by cyber-attacks and a further 26% expected an attack in the coming 2 years. This statement alone represents a great opportunity for those interested in starting a Cyber Security career.

Cyber security jobs are more vital than ever, especially in Australia, where the ACSC found that 90% of organisations were subject to some form of attempted or successful cyber security compromise just three years ago. Cyber security consultants are hard to find, yet security services are in high demand. 

From a Malware analyst through to a Security Architect, our Cyber Security Jobs are with some of the leading Australian and Global companies. The time to consider your next role in this exciting sector starts now. View a selection of our cyber security jobs and be sure to visit our Salary Guide area for an approximation of salary range.

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