Data Scientist

Location: Brisbane CBD
Job Type: Contract
Posted: 2 months ago
Contact: Mangal Kadam
Reference: 260647

As a key contributor you will dive deep into hands-on coding, employing best practices to enhance data science capability and deliver tangible outcomes. This position is tailor-made for a (senior) Data Scientist with software engineering skills, with an emphasis on coding, offering the chance to make a significant difference by leveraging data science and software methods to deliver data-driven products

Capabilities and experience required

  • >5 years' experience in analytical tools, processes, and practices across AI/ML/DS domains.
  • Hands on coding experience in Python & R, with extensive use of Git & various build systems.
  • Experience diving into library source code, documentation, manuals, mailing lists & Stack Overflow, to understand underlying functions & libraries in order to unpack & resolve raised issues.
  • Ability to create abstractions and use design patterns to build production level software systems.
  • Ability to debug, trace, and create algorithms with a very strong attention to detail; coupled with the ability to clearly communicate thoughts, findings, trade-offs, and your governing processes.
  • Demonstrated strong conceptual and analytical skills, able to translate complex business issues into well-structured analytics research problems, i.e., spanning from ideation to delivery.
  • Experience in building large scale, end-to-end machine learning systems using a combination of big data tools (i.e., Azure ML, VMs, etc.), visualisation tools, and programming in Python, R & SQL.
  • Experience with Windows/Linux command line and tools (bat / bash / grep / cron / systemd / etc.); as well as language tooling (pip, virtualenv, pandas, requests) and meta-tools (Docker, etc).
  • Ability to independently take a large problem and decompose it into smaller problems and use data science / analysis / software methods to arrive at solutions, using creativity/imagination as needed.
  • Experience dealing with large amounts of data, in varying formats (be it output from SQL queries, CSV dumps, JSON/XML outputs, ad-hoc programs, APIs, etc); with the ability to reshape with ease.
  • Experience in producing & presenting documentation in support of the entire analytical process.
  • Sound communication skills to be able to engage with stakeholders from a range of backgrounds with varying levels of technical competency.
  • Capable of quickly learning new programming languages & tools to solve problems as they arise.
  • An academic background in: Software Engineering, Computer Science, Informatics, or similar.

Capabilities and experience desirable

  • Experience in machine learning areas such as Computer Vision (OpenCV), Recommender Systems, NLP, Pattern Recognition, Predictive modelling, particularly as embedded within a delivered commercial service and/or product.
  • Ability to write multi-threaded code to solve data science / software challenges as needed.
  • Experience building modular machine learning / software systems within SDLC methods.
  • Experience with MLOps, Pipelines, Cloud Platforms and Databases.
  • Keeps abreast of ongoing analytical and modelling techniques in industry and how they can be practically applied to business problems.

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