IT Product Management

IT Product Management

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If you’re an IT Product Manager looking for a new role, Peoplebank can point you in the direction of your next dream job. We specialise in finding the right job for you and your requirements. Or, if you’re an employer looking for an IT Product Manager, we can match you with a candidate who suits your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re often asked similar questions about our IT Product Management roles:

What is an IT Product Manager?

IT Product Managers are involved in the planning, development and marketing of a product or service related to Information Technology. By managing a product or service as a mini-business within an organisation, Product Managers provide a critical leadership role and have the responsibility of making the product or service successful.

They must manage the product in an environment regulated by customer needs, competitive offerings and threats, strategic planning and development cycles, budgetary constraints and production costs.

What qualifications and experience levels are required?

IT Product Managers usually require the following:

  •  Bachelors Degree in Information Technology or Computer Science
  •  Business and Managerial qualifications and/or suitable experience

What employment opportunities are available?

IT Product Management jobs are ideally suited for those who want a leadership role that combines business interests with technical knowledge and skills. Positions are mostly permanent and are usually found in larger sized companies.

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