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Are you a Digital Designer looking for a new challenge? At Peoplebank, our recruitment consultants specialise in finding the perfect position and taking the stress out of job-hunting. We’re the IT recruitment experts for job seekers and employers. If your company is looking for a talented new Digital Designer, we can match you with your ideal candidate and take care of your staffing needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re often asked similar questions about our Digital Designer roles:

What is a Digital Designer?

Digital Designers use creativity and computer skills to design visuals associated with electronic technology. They create everything from websites and computer-game graphics to special effects for movies. They can specialise in any of the following:

  •  website design
  •  2D and 3D animation design
  •  interactive and experience design
  •  digital simulations
  •  3D modelling and rendering
  •  2D and 3D character and avatar design
  •  mobile design
  •  electronic and computer game design

What qualifications and experience levels are required?

Digital Designer roles usually require qualifications in any of the following:

  •  Bachelors Degree in Digital Design. Many colleges and universities in Australia offer programs in Graphic Design or Fine Arts, with some offering programs that specialise in Digital Design or Digital Art
  •  An Associate Degree or Certificate in Design, which can qualify graduates for entry-level design jobs
  •  A Master of Fine Arts can enhance a designer's job prospects
  •  Designers need to be educated in graphic design principles and computer technology, such as animation and 3D-modeling software, Web programming, and computer graphics software

What employment opportunities are available?

The majority of Digital Designers are employed in industries such as:

  •  motion picture and video
  •  computer systems design
  •  software publishers
  •  advertising and public relations
  •  specialised design services

Roles can be permanent or contract, with many Digital Designers working as freelance consultants.

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