All the things to make working from home easier

So, most of us are used to working from home now. But from what we’ve been hearing, it can get a bit monotonous, and this means motivation can be hard to come by. We’ve put together some ideas to help increase your happiness when working from home. Some of these items may seem all too practical but believe us when we say they can make a difference!

A desk and comfortable desk chair

Maybe this one sounds like a no brainer to you, and maybe anything can be a desk if you decide it is (such as an ironing board or a dining table). To really get into work mode, it can help tremendously to have a designated work desk and a chair that you can sit in comfortably for most of the day. Not only does this help differentiate work and home but it’s always there ready for you to go. The key here is to make a comfortable space that is manageable to be in for most of the day but not too comfortable like your couch or bed where it is tempting to relax a little too much.

A great tip is to position your work desk in a space near a window to allow for natural light to come through.

A computer monitor (or second screen)

And if you don’t have room for this, a laptop stand with a separate keyboard and mouse

The best way to get into work mode is to have the right set up. This is another idea that helps with comfortability and accessibility.  Create space and ease with your desktop set up. Whether that be with your laptop connected to a desktop screen, a whole desktop set up, your laptop on a stand, a keyboard closer to you with your screen at eye height, a Bluetooth mouse… whatever you may need or can manage, as long as it works for you and makes things easier.

If you aren’t in IT, you can always consult your IT team to get a better idea of what you need.

A foot rest

Comfort tip number three! To keep yourself aligned and avoid any aches and pains a footrest can make a world of difference. It can help you sit up straighter and ease any back pain you might encounter when sitting down for so long.

Noise cancelling headphones

This one can help especially if you work from home with other people, or, if you have a construction site near by or noisy neighbours. To help keep focused and in the zone, noise cancelling headphones are a must!

A coffee machine or tea making routine

Whether you are a coffee or tea person, pick your routine and invest in your drink. This helps bring joy into the start of your day and can become a nice way to settle into your workday. You won’t need to waste time heading out for a coffee or tea during the day if you find yourself with a large workload, you’ll have all you need at home. On that note, our ‘hot’ tip is to also invest in a cup or mug warmer which can help keep your drink hot. A lot of the time we can make a cup and get stuck into some work, forgetting that our drink is cooling down to the point of being pretty unenjoyable. A mug warmer can help you avoid that issue!

Scented candles, incense, or air freshener

Another aspect to bring joy and peace into your day. Pick your favourite scent and however you like to enjoy it. This can not only be calming but it often brings warmth and comfort to a space. You can even choose your ‘work’ scent and your ‘home’ scent. For example, a citrus scent such as orange, lemon or lime can help with alertness and focus. Whereas a sweeter or more floral scent, such as vanilla or lavender can be more relaxing.

An in-your-face to-do list

To help with the lack of motivation, make sure you have a clear to do list that you can update easily, this could be a chalk board or white board or even something that is permanently on one your desktop screens. Make sure you can see it at all times in your ‘office’ space to keep on top of your work.

Heating & cooling

One of the most common complaints about a professional office space is the lack of control of the aircon. Some say it get’s way too cold and others can even complain of it being too warm. The great thing about working from home (especially on your own) means that you can control the temperature! Having cooling and heating can really help create a comfortable environment where the temperature doesn’t affect your productivity.

These are just some of the things we find super impactful to our work from home experience. If you have any other ideas let us know and we will quote you on it!

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