Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome is the nagging feeling that you’re not as good/knowledgeable/expert as everyone perceives you to be. You may, at times, feel like a fraud, like you might get caught out any moment. It’s as if you haven’t even worked that hard to get to where you are! It’s a great big thought process that usually grows from self-doubt or lack of self-recognition. Many famous people such as Maya Angelou or Albert Einstein did not think their work deserved the recognition it received.  It can also be caused by being in your own thoughts too much, over-emphasising the importance of certain circumstances or simple irrational insecurity. It helps to know what it stems from because this can help combat it.

We want you to feel assured about who you are and your achievements. If Impostor Syndrome is let loose for too long it can be detrimental to your career growth and progression. If you don’t want to feel this way, or be held back in life, here are some ways that can help you overcome Impostor Syndrome and revitalise your sense of self-confidence. 

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome Infographic