How to stand out in the tech industry?

The tech industry grew at a rapid pace and it continues to grow, which is why although there are more jobs popping up overnight, there are also more candidates fighting for the roles they want. So how does one stand out from the crowd in the IT world? Here are our tips.

Continuously develop your technical skills

The tech industry has expanded due to more jobs becoming available with advancing technology. So, it makes sense to assume there is always something new to learn. It’s not enough to know what you do well, be it data analysis, network engineering, full-stack development, cyber security… the list goes on. While it’s great to be a specialist in your field it is good to have knowledge of diverse areas, as well as learning more and developing knowledge within your specialty.

It can show real initiative and drive if you have a few extra courses on your resume to update your skill set, even if those include LinkedIn learning type courses. It’s up to you how you want to upskill all that we suggest is that you definitely do!

Find a mentor and collaborate

Finding a mentor and collaborating with others has three main benefits to help you stand out. They include:

  • Putting yourself on the radar of other people and companies
  • Getting high quality feedback to improve your work
  • Showing you can work well with others

Your mentor will likely be someone you already work with however this isn’t always the case and it can include someone outside of work with further connections. Either way, you will build stronger connections with people in higher positions than yourself and this will give you a massive edge when exploring new job opportunities. Whilst there is some importance around ‘who you know’ in every industry, it’s also important that you are open to feedback, especially from those who have different or more experience than you. When you are open to improving yourself, not only will you get better at your job, but others will perceive you as impressive and willing to learn. Lastly, all of this combined means you can work well with people which is not something all technically skilled people find easy to do. It could be the one thing that sets you apart from other candidates.

Be innovative

This can come in many forms, it could be looking at creating an app from a different perspective, hint: usually the user’s perspective is most important. Or it could simply be about trying and testing new things that may or may not work. Being open to new ideas and possibilities will give you an edge for two reasons. One, you might come up with something great and memorable that works! Two, you will become a go-to person for the question “how can we make this better/different/unique?”. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas and creativity in a technical world, people appreciate individual thinking.

Work on your soft skills

The number one quality we find our clients love from technical candidates is the ability to explain something complicated in a simple way. Therefore, for you to be well versed in communication of ideas, progress, problems and solutions will see you being put to the top of any shortlist.

Other valuable soft skills include:

  • Teamwork
  • Adaptability
  • Problem Solving
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership
  • Determination
  • Creativity
  • Listening