Chandler Macleod and Peoplebank merge to enhance service capabilities

Chandler Macleod Group, one of the region’s largest employers, will merge with Peoplebank Australia, the leading IT and digital specialist talent solutions provider. The combined entities will be known as the Chandler Macleod Group, which Peoplebank will integrate into as a business unit whilst retaining both their brand and IT / Digital specialisation. Together the two form the perfect platform for ongoing talent solutions leadership in every market and region the group operates in across the Asia Pacific.

Both Chandler Macleod and Peoplebank were acquired by Recruit Holdings Co. Ltd. 4 years ago. The Tokyo listed Japanese staffing giant now operates as three strategic business units, including Recruit Global Staffing (Headquarters: Almere, Netherlands) which controls all staffing businesses worldwide. Until today Chandler Macleod and Peoplebank have operated and reported independently into this unit despite having similar operations and locations throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific.

Recruit Global Staffing is confident that after operating separately as two very, very good, companies the time is right to bring them together to create a truly great one, primed for sustained future growth. The merger will combine the best of both organisations, enabling enhanced service capability to customers across the Australian and Asia Pacific markets. Recruit Global Staffing’s CEO, Rob Zandbergen, has stated “It’s an exciting time for everyone involved. It will deliver advantages through both scale and process enhancement, allowing business units to focus on further delighting their customers”. 

Longstanding Peoplebank CEO, Peter Acheson will lead the merged Chandler Macleod Group as Chief Executive Officer and sees the merger as “…a transformational opportunity to create a significant, market leading business. We can leverage best practice of both companies in service offering, people, brand, learning and development, IT systems and industry best processes”.

Company culture will be a key focus throughout the integration process, in particular employee engagement for which Peter Acheson is deeply passionate about and committed to. His conviction has translated to a company mantra that states “passionate, engaged employees create passionate, engaged customers and contractors, who ultimately create passionate, engaged investors”. 

Peter knows it all starts with engaged and passionate staff and believes that fostering a high-performance environment filled with career opportunity, agile leadership, seamless systems and constant innovation is the best way to sustain it. 

Shinya Yamamoto, the current CEO of Chandler Macleod will move internally back to Recruit in Japan where he will take the next step in his career. The details of Shin’s new appointment will be announced in March.

Together Chandler Macleod and Peoplebank will work towards the Recruit shared mission to make the world faster, simpler, closer, aspiring to one’s true purpose. Staff, clients and candidates alike can look forward to not only a faster, simpler and closer customer experience, but also enhanced solutions, greater opportunity, more efficiency and more innovation.

This exciting announcement coincides with the 60th anniversary of Chandler Macleod and marks another historic progression in the life of one of Asia Pacific’s most successful and enduring talent solutions companies.