Peoplebank: Employer of Choice for Gender Equality 6 years in a row

Peoplebank and all our staff are excited and proud to share the news that the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) has recognised and named Peoplebank as Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) for 2018. This marks the sixth year for Peoplebank in being part of Australia's top organisations for gender equality initiatives. 

At Peoplebank we work consistently to build a workplace culture that ensures its people enjoy the same resources, rewards and opportunities, regardless of gender.

Peoplebank’s core commitments include initiatives that aid work-life balance and encourage flexible working conditions, alongside measures aimed at eliminating unconscious bias in the hiring process. 

Peoplebank also extends its commitment to Australian companies and job seekers by adopting a gender decoder to ensure recruitment descriptions and advertisements are worded in ways that don’t discourage female applicants.

Here are a few words from Peter Acheson our CEO 

 “Peoplebank is proud to lead by example in working to achieve gender equality across our operations, and we are delighted to receive this citation as acknowledgement of our ongoing commitment to encouraging diversity in the workplace. Our experience is that having diverse voices in our workplace generates unique insights and ideas. Moreover, we find diversity creates solutions that, in turn, helps us innovate, delight our clients and improve our business. It’s become a cornerstone of the way Peoplebank operates in all markets”

Peoplebank's inclusion in the 2018 EOCGE citations means we are among fewer than 50 of Australia’s 2.5million organisations (one in every 50,000 Australian enterprises) who have achieved Employer of Choice for Gender Equality status for six or more consecutive years. And the only recruitment company to be part of EOCGE this year. 

We plan to continue in making great strides for gender equality.