2024 Job Hunt Hacks: Insider Tech Tips

In today's competitive job market, standing out as a candidate requires a strategic approach that goes beyond the traditional norms.

We sat down with Masood, a seasoned Cyber Security & Infrastructure Recruiter at Peoplebank, who shared three invaluable tips to help candidates ace their job applications in 2024.

1. Quantify Your Impact:

Masood emphasizes the importance of showcasing your achievements with quantitative data and action-oriented language. Use phrases like "Addressed [X] LI tickets" or "I reduced aged tickets from [X] to [X]." This not only highlights your contributions but also demonstrates your ability to make a tangible impact in your previous roles. Also, remember one of the biggest mistakes you can make on your resume, is avoiding the use of 'I.' When your accomplishments are a result of teamwork, omitting 'I' can obscure your individual contribution and impact.

2. Networking with Purpose:

Gone are the days of superficial LinkedIn connections. Masood advises candidates to focus on building meaningful connections by adding value. Instead of generic connection requests, reach out to individuals with specific commonalities. Craft personalised messages mentioning mutual connections or shared achievements. For instance, initiate a conversation based on a shared accomplishment, expressing genuine interest in learning from their experience. It's about organically growing your network and deriving substantial value from it.

3. Tailor Your CV Strategically:

In a time-constrained job application process, prioritize the customization of your CV over drafting a cover letter if time is a limiting factor. Allocate your time effectively by aligning your skills with the job description. Masood suggests rearranging and highlighting skills to ensure those most relevant to the role are prominently displayed. This strategic tailoring significantly enhances your chances of catching the recruiter's eye.

Masood's insights offer a refreshing perspective on navigating the job market in 2024. By quantifying achievements, fostering meaningful connections, and strategically tailoring your CV, candidates can elevate their application game and stand out in a competitive landscape. Your next career move might just be a well-crafted message or a quantifiable achievement away.

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