Mastering job interview body language, in person and online

Body language can often speak louder than your words and can make a lasting impact when it comes to first impressions and job interviews. Whilst the way in which job interviews are conducted is changing and evolving from in person to online and a mixture of both, it’s important we know the right etiquette to make a positive impression! Here are our top tips.

Facial language

  • Smile when you meet
  • Smile during your conversation and during relevant moments
  • Nod when you are listening
  • Do not try and wink or pull a face during an interview
  • Avoid frowning
  • Make a regular amount of eye contact (looking at their screen if on a video call)
  • Don’t look down when talking
  • When on a video call, avoid looking at yourself too much, look at the interviewers
  • Be engaged with the meeting, don’t peer off into the distance and if on a video call, don’t look as if you are reading or doing something else

Body language

  • Don’t fidget, including tapping your hand or leg. (Even if it is a video interview and fidgeting parts of your body are not on camera, the nervousness shows).
  • On a video call, it’s perfectly nice to wave hello.
  • Sit up straight and avoid moving your position drastically during the interview
  • Don’t hunch over
  • Avoid crossing your arms as this may make others feel you are closed off or dishonest
  • Wear appropriate clothing
  • Avoid leaning in too close if you are on a video call (and in person!)

For more advice on how to conduct yourself in ANY interview situation, you can see this blog by our friends at Chandler Macleod.

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