How to build amazing team spirit

Having a happy team accounts for improved productivity, less turnover and an environment that allows people to help one another and work towards a collective goal. So, how does one build amazing team spirit? There are many factors that go into fantastic team spirit, including how people like to be managed, who their leaders are, how they communicate and what the organisational culture is like.

Here are some things that you can start doing today to ensure your team work with a positive spirit!

Hire the right people

Much advice says to hire people who will fit the culture of your organisation... which is important in certain instances such as having self-motivated staff members or several team players. However, more importantly it is vital to hire people who will compliment those in your team and organisation. They don’t need to be ‘the same’ in work style or attitude. Often, diversity, of any kind, will invite alternative ideas and ways of working. When new and varying ideas are introduced, more collaboration can take place and more people will feel confident to share their value. Additionally, a great team is one where each individual has a similar skill set over all but different specialities or particular skills and experience. Where one may lack in a certain area, another will be able to assist or teach.

Communicate clear goals

Clear communication is a hugely important factor in team satisfaction and motivation. Each quarter, as goals change, develop or arise, it’s helpful for leaders to share the goals and the game plan with their team with regular catch ups. When everyone is on the same page it is easier for everyone to be organised and motivated. It’s also vital to check in with your individual team members to see how they are going with their own work goals and if you can assist in any way. All employees want to feel cared about and valued.

Catch up often

Whilst in-person catch up’s are slowly becoming okay, virtual catch-ups are equally as important! Team spirit is built in the many opportunities that your team has to communicate with one another. It shouldn’t be all about work, it’s nice for your team to be able to socialise and talk about weekend activities too. Whilst you should catch up weekly to keep each other in the loop of activities and work-load make sure you keep in touch via chat functions or a call here and there just to check in and see how your team is doing.

Celebrate success and reward teamwork

A no brainer to supporting your team and making them understand the value of team work is to reward positive team behaviour! You can celebrate a project well done with a team lunch, or a meaningful and thankful email.  You can even celebrate a team member’s birthday or important life event with each other. Some ideas include drinks over a video call or a picnic in the park!

It’s important that you can make your team feel part of the bigger picture and ensure they know their job not only serves them but other people around them too. Team spirit is about helping people enjoy their work environment and the people they work with. We will update this blog soon with more ways to inspire team spirit; you can see the updates via our social channels on LinkedIn and Facebook!