Peoplebank: 7 Time Employer of Choice for Gender Equality

Peoplebank is proud to announce, we have been recognised by WGEA as an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) for 2019. This marks the seventh consecutive year that Peoplebank has been accredited with the EOCGE title. Peoplebank is one of 140 participants to receive the title this year and, like last year, are the only recruiters that qualified.

Times are moving forward. In business, gender equality is becoming a must, not a bonus. However, there is still room for improvement. Organisations must continue to enable policies and procedures that create an equal environment for all. It seems this sentiment is making an impact as more organisations than ever have received the EOCGE title this year.

Libby Lyons, Director at WGEA says that “Embracing workplace gender equality means different things for different organisations. Every employer committed to gender equality embarks upon their own unique journey towards achieving the equal participation by women and men in their workplace.”

At Peoplebank, we are able to provide our employees an inclusive environment with, a comprehensive flexibility policy, equal pay, and our commitment to reducing and eliminating unconscious bias in Peoplebank hiring processes. Additionally, we take initiative for our candidates, contractors and clients too through hosting multiple events to raise awareness around gender inequality in the IT sector and utilising a job ad decoder for gender-neutral job ads.

Peter Acheson, CEO of Chandler Macleod Group which has recently merged with Peoplebank comments, “We found our gender-diverse business units are more highly engaged, deliver improved financial performance and exhibit strong team cultures.”

As an organisation, Peoplebank will continue with our existing efforts to maintain a gender diverse workplace and will strive to improve any imbalances going forward. 

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