9 ways to get rid of nerves at your new job

Starting a new job can be quite nerve-racking. We can go through a number of emotions and thoughts depending on the situation. Some of us haven’t worked for a while or haven’t switched employers for 10 + years. Some of us switch jobs regularly but still can’t quite shake those jitters. Some of us are moving up or sideways into positions that are new. Whatever situation we are in there are ways to help ease the nerves. Here’s nine:

Make a list of your successes thus far

Sometimes we can get caught up in being so nervous we forget about our own talents and achievements that got us there. So, acknowledge your successes, write them out and think about your contribution to the list of accomplishments in front of you. Recognise that you deserve to be in the position you are in. Some people can suffer from ‘imposter syndrome’ thinking they don’t deserve their success, that they’ve faked their way there… but no one can fake their way to success in the professional world. Believe in yourself and your hard work. It might help to repeat some positive affirmations leading up to your first day.

Establish a routine

Wake up early and create a routine a few days before you start. Then, on your first day, it will feel regular and normal, rather than new and nerve-racking. Plus, waking up early and giving yourself extra time will ease any anxiety about being late.

Focus on learning, not knowing

When moving into a new company, they do not expect you to know everything. Especially if this is a new industry or role for you. Don’t feel the pressure to know it all straight away. Focus on learning and taking in information that will help you move forward and do your job.

Write down the important stuff

For a lot of people, writing down the important things such as login details, other passwords and any instructions can help digest all the information that you will receive on your first day. You don’t have to write it all down, but just the things you know you might need or forget.

Focus on your purpose

Think about why you’re there. Think about your role in the company and how you will achieve the goals you have set yourself. When you hone in on understanding your purpose, you will be less distracted by the small things that tend to overwhelm.

Set up your work area throughout the first week

Make the space comfortable for you. Whether you have a desk or an office, make it yours. Bring some things from home, photo’s, a plant, your favourite mug, anything work appropriate. This will bring a piece of you into the workspace therefore bringing you some tranquillity.

Get to know people

Become familiar with your colleagues. This will help you feel settled in quickly. We see the same people every day, so when we create connections and establish work friends we are more likely to stress less and enjoy the day. This also means you will feel 100 times more comfortable than if you were isolated or alone.

Remember that making mistakes doesn’t mean you’re a bad hire

If you make a small mistake or two, this doesn’t mean the employer will regret hiring you. Be aware that people make mistakes. Be sure to take responsibility and to help fix your errors if you can. If there is something you feel you are consistently getting wrong, chat to your manager and discuss some training or mentoring for that task.

Work hard, listen and act professionally

Ultimately, you were hired for a reason. Work hard, as you vouched you would in the interview. Listen carefully, know your responsibilities and make sure you are doing your best to fulfil them. And, whilst still being yourself, always behave in a professional manner to ensure you and others around you are comfortable.