Peoplebank partners with Mumba

We are pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Mumba, a company that provides an award-winning innovative mobility solution for companies with large or dispersed workforces. This is a commitment to further improve our already high customer satisfaction levels.

We have over 3000 contractors in Australia onsite with clients at any given time. We are the number one supplier of IT talent to the federal government and a leading supplier to state governments, financial institutions, telcos and the travel industry.

Peoplebank focuses heavily on their customers’ experience and is proud to uphold extremely positive Net Promoter Scores for both contractors and clients of 61, outstripping the professional services industry benchmark of 59 by two points. We take the view that our people are our product and our product needs to be exceptional.

To further enhance the services we provide, Peoplebank is happy to announce our agreement with Mumba. This collaboration is a worthy investment in technology to simplify our contractors working lives and admin. The Mumba application is an easy-to-use engagement hub that will allow for self-service, single sign-on and simplified processes. Peoplebank believes Mumba will empower contractors with effortless procedures around accessing payslips and updating details from any location. 

Our CEO, Peter Acheson comments that “Mumba puts Peoplebank in our contractors’ pockets and saves contractors the hassle of logging on to several systems in order to get paid, access benefits and receive communications.”

“This demonstrates that Peoplebank is proactively taking strides to provide the ultimate digital service in the market,” Acheson concludes.