The 5 major benefits of hiring contractors

Specialised talent

Contractors are often experts in their field with plenty of experience on multiple projects. With niche knowledge and understanding behind them, a contractor will likely provide better standards of work. And if client facing, they will appeal to a higher calibre of clients based on the way they can conduct themselves and share information about the project.

Another bonus of hiring specialised talent is that you will experience immediate productivity. Most contractors will require very little training, if any, to begin the project. It will take them less time to dive in and start making a difference than a regular new hire. Using staffing agencies, such as us at Peoplebank can also help in decreasing the time consumed in hiring a contractor. We have a large database as well as an array of sourcing tools that help us to find the right person to fill your role.

Hire per project

Organisations can have more flexibility when hiring contractors. Hiring per project means you can hire people for specific needs depending on what is coming up for your business. It also means that if your company needs to re-work your budgets and costs, you aren’t obligated to renew a contract after it ends. Overall, a company would be smart to hire contractors as this allows for expansion or reduction of employees as the company sees fit.


While contractors often earn more than permanent employees when comparing salaries, they can actually be cost effective for companies. This is mainly due to the fact that a contractor is often employed for less amount of time and paid per hour when required. Many contractors are flexible with their hours and don’t always work full days or weeks if they have completed necessary tasks within the given timeframes. Contractors also forfeit benefits such as annual leave which can cut your costs.

Less time consuming for management

Management often have to oversee their staff. Hopefully not in a micro-managing type of way, but in a way that ensures your staff are on track and that they are getting the support they need. Catch ups with permanent teams can be quite time consuming when added up.

A contractor will require less consistent catch up’s as they will be briefed initially about the entirety of a project. If a contractor needs support, information, or anything from a manager, they are likely to take initiative and ask rather than wait to be checked up on.

More dedicated

Because contractors can be more selective about the projects they step into, they are often more passionate and focused when stepping into a role. With this kind of energy, a contractor will have more incentive to deliver the project within a reasonable timeframe to a high standard. They will be less distracted by other office antics or drudgery that can sometimes hold permanent employees back.