Aine's Staff Story

I first joined Peoplebank back in August last year (2017). I had already been in recruitment for a year and decided I wanted to join a company I could see myself with for the long term. Preferably, where I could grow and learn from those around me. After talking with Peter, my now manager, he had me. He worked his sales magic and I was sold on Peoplebank.

What I love about working here...
First off, my team. We are all very different, which makes it work. You don't need to be in recruitment to know it has its highs and lows. The people you surround yourself with 8 hours a day become so crucial to your mentality, productivity, learning and how you get by. They celebrate the highs, coach you through the lows and make sure there are plenty of laughs. I’m lucky enough to work with account managers who have been in recruitment and with Peoplebank for years (I’ll not say how long, or they’ll kill me). What I’ve learned from them has been fundamental to shaping who and how I am as a recruiter and I cannot thank them enough.

What I love about my job...
Helping people. It’s the first answer I always give and to me the most important. Yes, there’s the commission and the social side but that is secondary. Cheesy as it is, that’s what it comes down to for me. A memorable moment for me was when I was given a permanent role in rural NSW to recruit for recently. It was in a small town and the technology stack and requirements were initially a bit daunting. In the end we placed the role, it was someone who was actually from the town who had to move away to find suitable work as there weren’t too many options. But he really wanted to get back and he knew the company. Filling that role and helping both the company and candidate was such a good feeling. It was nice to know I helped get the candidate a role in a company he knew and in the best place for him too.

What is a difficulty I have faced?
Candidates and clients alike understanding and pronouncing my name. I love having an Irish name, but the daily struggle is so real! In all seriousness though, the most difficult thing I’ve encountered is also one of the best things too. At Peoplebank we work in vertical markets, so we understand our clients’ needs very well. But it means that I work on several speciality IT jobs which aren’t limited to one area. The roles I recruit for change from day to day. No week is ever the same. Before this, I mainly recruited in software development and I knew it quite well. I joined Peoplebank and started recruiting all across IT. This was a learning curve but now I love it and I know it will hold me in good stead for my career. I feel now that I’m very knowledgeable about Project Managers to Network Engineers to Solution Architects to UX designers and everything in between.

What I’ve learned...
I've learned a lot within my first year at Peoplebank. I've learned in much more detail the process/processes of recruitment. I work within the major accounts team, so I recruit for some of Australia's leading banks and telecommunications organisations. We work to a high volume of work, so I have to select and send candidates within a short window. I've learned to work fast and efficiently. The way we work in my team is with the attitude that everything is urgent.

Where do I see myself going from here?
My goal is to progress my way up within Peoplebank and learn as much as I can. It’s a great company with a great culture. I never dread coming to work, how lucky am I. Thanks Peoplebank for a great year and a bit!


Story by Aine Grimes