Work Perks at Top Tech Companies

It’s human nature to wonder what it’s like to work at a company so big that their work perks speak volumes about building a strong and enjoyable work culture. This blog is a compilation of the work perks at just some of the biggest tech companies we know. Enjoy! And don’t get jealous.

Let’s kick it off with one of the most well-known…


Two offices have an onsite gym, and two other offices allow pets to be brought in. They receive a wide variation of free meals and snacks that are healthy and delicious all day round. At the Mountain View campus, there are free cooking classes that can be taken as team building exercises as well as free shuttles to and from work every day. Some offices offer massage therapists, physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists onsite!

According to some responses on Glassdoor, a Google intern on average makes $5,678 per month which is more than some full-time employees in similar jobs elsewhere. 

Google supports parents generously with six weeks of paid paternity leave and eighteen weeks of paid maternity leave. This includes a bonus that helps new parents with necessary expenses such as nappies, food and formula. When parents return to work there are free onsite daycares.

On top of all this, Google aids all employees in pursuing developmental learning through things such as coding classes, degrees, or learning an instrument!  They also encourage Googlers to use 20% of their time to work on passion projects. Employees are encouraged to continue learning throughout their entire career at Google with discounts to many museums and events. They also host and organise tech talks with awesome and influential people that they get to meet.

A commonly mentioned perk that hopefully doesn’t have to be used is that families are taken care of in the event of a Google employees death. The family will earn 50% of their salary for 10 years with an additional $1,000 a month per child.


Netflix offers up to one whole year of paid leave for new parents. For people without children, Netflix offers flexible vacation time where employees pick and choose their leave time as long as it doesn’t affect their performance. Like Google, they also get free lunch (not every meal), a stock purchase plan and mobile phone discounts. 


Twitter’s workspace is so cool it offers catered meals (for EVERY meal), unlimited time off (as long as you still come into work and do your job adequately at some point), gym membership, onsite acupuncture, meditation classes, a coffee/beer/wine bar, a rooftop deck, and more.


Airbnb gives all of their employees $2,000 annually to travel and stay at any Airbnb in the world. This is on top of free daily meals and snacks, paid volunteer time off and company outings to great events and awesome new places.


Free private concerts… enough said. Just kidding there’s more. They offer a unique perk to cover the costs for employees who want to freeze their eggs or need fertility assistance. Spotify also offers six months of paid maternity/paternity leave, plus a month of flexible work options for returning parents.


For parents, Facebook offers $4,000 in baby bonus cash when you have a new baby alongside four months of paid maternity and paternity leave. A few employees on Glassdoor mention that Facebook has an unlimited number of perks that make life easier for any Facebook employee.


Adobe gives employees $10,000 per year for school fees, any courses and any books as part of a graduate program they run. They also allow you to put aside pre-tax savings for your children’s future schooling and up to $5,000 per year for childcare (or elder care if someone in your family needs this).

The companies mentioned in this post have even more perks than I’ve written and there is an abundance of other companies listed online with just as amazing perks to get envious over.  The important thing to note about these benefits is that salary isn’t everything. When a workplace shows that it cares about its people in any way it can afford, then the people stay happy. What’s one great work perk you wish you had? Or do you already have!