Why Flexibility in the Workplace should be Essential

Workplace flexibility can be categorised as remote work, a shorter work week, altered start and finish times and other set-ups alike. The boom of flexible working strategies starting in companies who wish to remain current was ignited by the want and need for work-life balance. Everyone now realises it is necessary, not only for employee wellbeing but also for employee productivity. Here are the main points that show the impact flexibility has in the workplace. 

Improves work-life balance

A lot of people constantly think about work, and if that works for them, that’s great. However, it’s important to be mindful of life outside of work too and to make the most of the time away from the workplace in order to re-energise. This is what work-life balance aims for. There is a common saying that goes something like this: On our death beds, we won’t be wishing we took more time to send emails, but that we took more time to be with the ones we love. This kind of attitude is what work-life balance is about. We have to take the time to separate our work from life in a healthy way.

When employees can work flexibly, they will have the opportunity to pursue other hobbies, be with their families or simply recharge in order to be more switched on when at work. When you encourage work-life balance, you encourage personal growth, which is something you should be aiming for from all employees so that they can continue to grow and become better at their jobs. A better balance between work and life means less stressed, happier and more motivated employees!

Builds trust

When you trust employees to work from home or to get their work done within a four-day week instead of a five, you show them that you have faith in their capabilities. When employees feel that you trust them they are empowered and will likely work hard to maintain that trust. They will also have a more positive relationship with the company which aids determination and strong work ethic. With trust from an employer, an employee will become more autonomous and be able to self-manage and self-motivate.

Reduces stress

As mentioned when speaking about work-life balance. Stress can be reduced by flexible working options. If a mother or father knows they have to drop their child or children at school at 8:30 am but feel the pressure of being at work at the same time, naturally, they will start their day stressed. On the other hand, when there is a conversation about this which allows the employee to come in later and leave later when they need to drop their kids off, that would make them feel more comfortable and stress-free. Simply being open to conversations about options for employees will relieve their own personal anxieties and help them to focus better on their work, rather than the logistics of being in the office.

Good for morale

Generally, people who work in flexible workplaces have more drive and are happier employees. It is proven that people who can work from home take less leave and sick days.  When you have happier employees, who enjoy the culture of the workplace they will feel better about coming to work.

It’s simply smart

Depending on the flexible arrangement, working in a place separate and within a different environment to your usual workspace can inspire creativity and new ideas. When employees are out in the world more, either telecommuting or with a flexible schedule, they see more and can have more life experiences which often reflect well in the workplace.

There is also the simple benefit of reducing costs within the office. Some companies are entirely supported by people who work remotely amounting to extremely low office costs.

Lastly, when looking for people to employ, there will be an abundance of candidates who are interested if they know you support flexible work. Especially, mums or dads who want to get back to the grind as they will appreciate the open-mindedness and will want to have the opportunities that you can give. It also means you could hire people in different states or even around the world (we have FaceTime now and video conferencing which makes so many things possible). Either way, you will be broadening your talent pool!