The Pros and Cons of Google Home

Google Home and other products like it, such as Amazon’s Echo are exciting because they’re a glimpse of the technological future we had imagined. We love the fact that we can ask Google for the weather or the time and have a response within no time. We love that these technological products are slowly becoming compatible with our homes. But all these products still have some way to go and they will have some cons that go with the pros. Here’s that list, this one is for Google Home.


Aesthetic design – The design is awesome because it can fit in with most choices of décor in the home and doesn’t stand out or look like just a speaker.
Reasonable pricing – The pricing isn’t ridiculous; however, it is slightly more expensive than the new generation Amazon Echo.
Google assistant is conversational – Google Assistant is also aware of context and can answer follow up questions. For example, if you ask about the weather today and receive an answer you can then ask, ‘what about tomorrow?’ and the device should understand and be able to give you the correct answer.
The use of Googles Knowledge Graph – The biggest advantage that Google Home has over other smart home devices is that it has access to the entirety of Googles Knowledge Graph. This means it can access millions of facts and will likely be able to answer any question that Google on a desktop would be able to. Because of this, Google’s responses are more superior than other voice-controlled apps and devices.
Easy to make calls via voice activation – You can make calls to any number within the US or Canada. This isn’t very useful for Australians yet, but the feature should be on updated versions of Google Home.
Can recognise different voices – Google Home is able to recognise when different members of your family are talking which means that certain people will often get personalised results.
Can cast video onto a smart TV and music to other speakers – This is a pretty great feature. You can ask Google Home to play a YouTube video as well as using it as support for Netflix and Stan. (Other video services should be added over time). However, I should note, it doesn’t connect to all brands of speaker and is only compatible with items and systems with the right software or hardware such as Chromecast.
Decent sound quality – For a small device, the sound quality is pretty good!
Can give you step by step cooking instructions – This is handy if you need a bit of help in the kitchen or would like some guidance instead of checking back on a written recipe, getting dirty hands all over your phone or laptop. (However, some people like a visual - maybe in the future Google Home will get a screen!)


Smart home capability is limited – There is some smart home control with Google Home but it is not compatible with as many things as the Amazon Echo.
Speaker could be louder – Even though the sound quality is good for answering questions when playing music the speaker could be louder.
Always needs to be plugged in – Rather than being a chargeable device, it constantly has to remain plugged in which can sometimes be tricky when finding a spot for it in your home.
Doesn’t hear well from afar – This one speaks for itself, the microphone doesn’t pick up voices as well as the Amazon Echo does from further away.
Can’t read or send messages (or emails) – Even some cars have this tech, but Google Home doesn’t, for this, you’ll have to stick with your phone.
Lack of control buttons – There are very few buttons on the top of the device and a sensor is used to control the volume which can be difficult or fiddly at times.
Launch phrase applies to every activatable device – When speaking to Google Home, other smart devices are likely to wake up and respond. It can also be activated by Google commercials if they are playing on the TV.
Can only access the main calendar – It cannot recite to you shared calendars or separate work calendars.
Not available in as many places as Amazon Echo – Amazon Echo is available across twenty-eight countries now whereas Google Home is only available in seven right now.