Tech gadgets that changed our lives

In a world where our lives have become so deeply intertwined with technology, from laptops enabling us to take our workplace anywhere, to smart home devices simplifying our household chores and organising our daily lives, the transformative power of these gadgets is apparent. These technological gadgets have not only revolutionised our lives but have reshaped the very ideas of modern living. This constant evolution of technology has significantly altered our daily routines and interactions, becoming more than just technological tools, to in some ways becoming extensions of ourselves. Let’s look at some of the gadgets that we consider the most influential on our lives.


Despite their relatively recent introduction to our lives, smartphones have revolutionised our lives in incredible ways. Not only have they replaced a multitude of single function devices, such as cameras, calculators, and navigational systems, but they have dramatically improved upon them.

Smartphones have revolutionised communications, not only making it instant and mobile, but also erasing geographical limitations. Apps like WhatsApp, Zoom, Messenger, and Skype allow us to connect with anyone around the world at any time, and for free if connected to a wifi connection, and even on a data plan, it is now considerably cheaper than the days of long distance and international telephone calls, and even early SMS. Smartphones have enabled a new era of connectivity, enabling stronger relationships, and a greater sense of global community.

In the age of smartphones, access to information is immediate and this impact cannot be understated. Smartphones have facilitated a dramatic shift towards an increasingly digital and mobile society with all aspects of our lives being transformed, and our access to services being at our fingertips. After all, there’s an app for that!


When you consider the earliest computer was 170 square metres, and took up an entire large room, less than 80 years ago, the pure existence of laptops is phenomenal. Early computers were used primarily for scientific calculations and military purposes and were quite limited in their functionality, lacking the user-friendly interfaces that we are familiar with today.

The evolution into desktop computers in the last 1970s marked a significant shift for the use of computers in our lives. These machines were far smaller, affordable, and user friendly, making them accessible to the public. Desktop computers allowed us a stable electronic platform for a variety of needs from document processing to gaming. However, their immobile design limited their use to a specific location.

The creation and introduction of laptops brought with it an unprecedented portability to personal computing. Laptops have dramatically increased productivity, enabling people to work from anywhere at any time. They have extended the reach of education beyond the classroom by facilitating online learning, and the opportunity of self-guided study. They have also transformed the way we are entertained with video streaming, gaming, and digital creation all within easy, portable reach. Despite their compact size, modern laptops are on par with, and even better, than many desktop computers offering the flexibility to work, learn, entertain, and communicate, from virtually anywhere.

Health and fitness trackers

Wearable technology is becoming an essential additional to our daily lives, particularly for those interested in improving or maintaining their health and fitness and fundamentally altering our approach to personal wellness.

Fitness trackers provide real time data and information on various health parameters including heart rate, sleep quality, calorie tracking, and steps walked. They encourage us to become more active, more aware of our lifestyle choices and the impact those have on our health, and more committed to our health and wellness goals. Fitness and health trackers have turned health living into a tangible, trackable, daily goals, and in doing so, have created a more fitness conscious society with a focus on wellness as a way of life.

Wearable health trackers have also proven to be incredibly beneficial, if not life changing, for individuals with specific health concerns. Such as Type 1 diabetes. People with T1 are now able to wear non-invasive, compact glucose trackers that continuously monitor their blood sugar levels. These wearable glucose monitoring systems provide a real-time monitoring of glucose levels, alerting the individual to dangerous highs and lows, and helping them manage their condition more effectively.

Smart home devices

Smart home devices have altered our everyday routines and dramatically changing the landscape of technology in our personal and domestic lives. These tools, utilising cutting edge technology, make our homes more efficient, secure and comfortable than ever before.

Beyond conveniences such as having your coffee maker brewing a fresh pot of coffee when you wake up, or our blinds automatically opening to let in natural light, smart home devices have significantly enhanced our levels of home security. From smart locks that can be controlled from anywhere in the world through an app, to security cameras that send real time video feed to your smartphone, these tools provide a peace of mind and protection that simply did not previously exist.

Smart home devices are even allowing us to become more energy efficient, our heating, cooling, and lighting systems can monitor our usage patterns and adapt to these to optimise our energy usage, reducing the environmental footprint of our home and providing an added benefit of savings on utility bills.

Not only have these tech gadgets changed the way in which we communicate, work, and play, but they have also deeply influenced our daily lives and habits. These transformative technological tools have taken convenience to new heights, increased our access to information, and empowered us to lead healthier lives. As technology continues to evolve, we can only anticipate the ground breaking gadgets that lie ahead, promising further enrichment and convenience in our lives.

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