What is motivating IT candidates the most right now?

​We are entering 2023 after a year of dealing with a candidate short market. The candidate short market meant that employers were required to step up their hiring practices and work cultures to attract better quality candidates.

Items of importance for candidates to be truly interested in a role included:

  • High pay rates

  • Fast hiring times

  • Work-life balance or flexibility

  • Positive work culture and team

Whilst there is some change in the corporate environment at the moment, with hiring freezes taking place late last year in many industries due to an impending recession, not all organisations are particularly concerned with what it will take to attract the best candidates.

The effect of a pause on hiring – and why it’s important to focus on candidate attraction

Whilst some IT companies have participated in a hold on hiring, especially for junior or graduate positions and programs, we think it’s still vital for all organisations to be aware of what will be important to attract the right people when the time comes. In fact, even more so after putting candidates through the experience of delayed communication due to organisational decisions being made in 2022 for 2023. Once someone shares the news that ‘so and so’ isn’t really hiring right now, it might deter people from applying and trying, even if it is for a different role or to be part of another department, thinking that it may not be worth the hassle!

So, how do we combat this?

How do IT companies and corporate organisations begin to create positive relationships with candidates and win over the best talent for their organisation?

From a survey we conducted late last year, we learnt that the hiring process has a large impact on the appeal to work for a certain company. In fact, “73% of survey respondents felt that the hiring process seriously effects their desire to work for an organisation.”

Some of our findings included the below aspects to be of utmost importance for organisations to consider during the hiring process.

  • Job ad clarity and information

  • Prompt response times when dealing with candidates

  • Feedback for unsuccessful applicants

  • Sharing and promoting employee benefits

  • Being clear and loud about company culture

  • Promoting how teams work together

  • Having and communicating a strong company purpose

Additionally, focus on your workplace benefits

Not only will workplace benefits help you retain the great staff you have, but they will also help attract high quality candidates too.

There are several workplace benefits that all businesses need to be offering. Without just one of these elements, the attitude towards your company could be impacted:

  • Flexible work

  • A competitive salary

  • Career progression

  • Positive work culture

  • Working as part of a good team

With positive work culture and working as part of a good team being of the highest importance, we also know how important the work environment was on an individual’s desire to remain working for an organisation. Ideally then, building a positive work culture with teams that work cohesively and happily together should be the highest priority in your talent retention and attraction strategies.

Another vital aspect is offering a competitive salary. Given the recent cost of living and economic circumstances, all quality candidates will look to be fairly compensated and may choose higher paying roles, even if they feel other workplace benefits are not as strong.

How are you attracting candidates? Or what would you like to implement to attract higher calibre talent?

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