5 essentials when starting a new job in a hybrid workplace

A hybrid workplace consists of working part of the time from home or remotely, and part of the time in the office. This time is often split up differently depending on the individual or what a certain company has implemented.  Most workplaces are adopting a hybrid working structure since the pandemic.

Starting a new job in a hybrid environment can be more difficult in a social sense as making connections online can be tricky. Collaboration looks different now, mixed between online meetings and in person meetings. Whilst there are some challenges for a new starter in a hybrid work place, there are also plenty of benefits to this work structure, as flexibility is increasingly important to many employees today.

Here are our tips on how to thrive in a hybrid work environment, even when you’re new!

Be accessible and communicate well

First and foremost, it’s important that you don’t ‘ghost’ or ignore any of your fellow colleagues. Especially in the beginning it is important to respond in a relatively prompt manner. If you are busy send a quick ‘will respond right after this meeting!’ message. If you miss a call, don’t put off calling back. When beginning a job that involves a lot of remote work, you can never communicate enough, ask questions through the business chat functions, make a quick call to talk to your teammates about tasks you may need clarity on, and utilise being new, make your connections based on learning the ropes.

It will benefit you to continue clear communication all the way through your time in a hybrid workplace. Good communication not only fosters connections, but it can also prevent misunderstandings or lack of context and help build a strong reputation of being dependable and helpful.

The two major benefits of communicating well and frequently include:

  1. Consistent interaction leads to great visibility and recognition
  2. You can give and receive clear expectations and context

Try to get your face on video calls

Video calls can be a little tiring and we may not always want to get on a video every time. However, when we start meeting new people in a hybrid work environment, it’s extremely important that they get to put a face to the name and become more familiar with you. This helps build trust and furthers connection with colleagues.

Plan ahead, find routine

To avoid being late, missing meetings, or forgetting tasks, write everything down! Plan everything in your calendar, even set time aside to do certain tasks if they don’t require being done immediately. By being organised within yourself means you can show up for your team.

Additionally, whilst your routine may look different on your work-from-home days, than your go-to-work days, it is helpful to have a routine for each type of working day. This not only helps with organisation but also keeps you motivated, alert and ready for work.

Ask questions casually

As mentioned earlier, it’s great to ask questions when you first begin working, this helps us find clarity and can put us on the right track for efficient working. It can also be helpful in getting to know a business, workplace or team which is important when we are finding our footing and attempting a sense of belonging. Asking questions in a causal manner such as on Slack or MS Teams from home is much more colloquial and can help build friendships at work. In the office, instead of shooting across a quick email, walk over to the persons desk and ask them if they have five minutes to chat, most of the time, they will!

Be visible with your work and actions

Lastly, not only can you communicate your way to being highly visible and recognisable. What do they say? ‘The proof is in the pudding’. Let your work speak for you also. Deliver what you say you will, put in the effort and show your colleagues what you are capable of. At work, respect is often found in seeing how hard (or smart) others work. When you are fairly contributing and making a difference to the team, it will not go unnoticed.

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