Peoplebank’s Diversity Initiatives

In September of 2021, Brent Leahy, Peoplebank’s Executive General Manager, announced internally the Peoplebank Australia Diversity and Inclusion priorities. 

“I am a big advocate for diversity and inclusion, and believe we have the opportunity to make a significant difference both internally and externally.  Feeling comfortable to bring your authentic self to work creates greater trust and a more engaged workforce.”

- Brent Leahy

The benefits of diversity and inclusion go beyond just being the right thing to do.  A diverse and inclusive environment establishes a sense of belonging among employees. When employees feel more connected at work, they tend to work harder and smarter, producing higher quality work. As a result, organizations that adopt diversity and inclusion practices see huge gains in the form of business results, innovation, and decision-making.

There are four main areas of importance for Peoplebank’s Diversity Initiatives as described below.


Brent has been working on introducing a Peoplebank Women in Leadership Academy.

The Leadership Academy will be rolled out to the entire RGF Staffing APEJ business aimed at emerging and developing leaders.  A small group of approximately 12 Peoplebank Australia participants will be chosen for the 6-month development pilot program which will commence sometime this year.

Peoplebank also wants to focus on gender-neutral advertising, continual sponsorship for young women at university studying IT, and being more active with Women in IT events.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Initially, all Peoplebank Managers were trained in Mental Health first aid. This, coupled with our EAP and other wellbeing support helps us to fulfill our strategy of ‘people first’ management.

A second round of training has been delivered since, ensuring that all Peoplebank managers are trained in Mental Health First Aid including all those in new roles.


Peoplebank has now had a Hybrid working policy in place for a while with open options to employ remote, part-time and return to work parents.

Our Hybrid working policy is thriving with several examples across the country of staff supporting businesses from different locations.  Peoplebank have adjusted well to working flexibly, now certain staff meet for a couple of days in the office but are also able to work as cohesively from their own homes when it suits.


We are accepting of all internally and we would like to change and enhance recruiting practices to encourage people from the LGBTQIA+ to apply for roles. Some internal education on this is something we would like to focus on developing. Currently, Peoplebank staff are encouraged to use language in advertising that is inclusive to all groups.

Apart from the four above focuses, Peoplebank is passionate about inclusivity for all, including those living with a disability or neurodiversity. Recently we have added an accessibility toolbar to our website to ensure anyone and everyone can navigate our page and apply for roles.

Peoplebank currently have fortnightly diversity meetings to discuss initiatives and implementations. This ensures that all ideas and initiatives are kept alive and that we are constantly working towards more inclusive workplaces and hiring processes. 

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