How to efficiently reset for the new year

As the year comes to a close, it’s important that we take some time to pause, relax and reset for the new year.

By doing so, we can de-stress from the past year, and feel prepared going into a fresh year. But what does it take to ‘reset’?

Resetting is all about reflection and leaving behind any negativity that could carry forward into the new year. Time is ultimately a construct so really you can reset any time you like; however, many find the new year a great opportunity to take a break and experience the process of growth.

Here are our top tips for resetting so you can begin 2022 with a positive and hopeful outlook.

Take a moment for a reflective exercise

It can be helpful to put reflections and goals into written words. This helps put things into perspective as well as clearing loud or crowded thoughts from your mind!

We recommend reflecting and writing about the below prompts.

  • List the things you’ve achieved
  • List all your favourite memories from the past year
  • List the things you want to let go of
  • List your hopes and dreams
  • List your biggest goals for the next year
  • Choose at least one thing that will get you out of your comfort zone
  • List the things and people most important to you
  • List the habits you want to break
  • List the habits you’d like to build

Journaling or writing lists on the above topics will help to break down the year in a way that you can easily digest. You’ll be able to smile and realise all you have achieved as well as properly focusing on what you want from the future.

Give yourself grace

If you made any mistakes this past year, if you did things you weren’t proud of, or simply have annoying thoughts of regret… you have to forgive yourself! If you are working on correcting behaviours, that is amazing! Be present with yourself and understand no one is perfect. Everyone is doing the best with what they have in the moment. We can’t be too hard on ourselves if we want to move forward and start fresh, otherwise, the pressure we place on ourselves can stunt personal growth by leaving us in a negative mindset.

Declutter your digital space

To start in an organised headspace for the new year, it can help to take some time to clean up your computer, laptop or mobile. This could look like any of the below:

  • Unsubscribe from unwanted emails
  • Clear your inbox
  • Reorganise and archive old files
  • Set up new folders for new projects
  • Back up your files
  • Go through and delete any photos you don’t need
  • Set up an out of office email

Declutter your physical space

It can also help to declutter your space. This doesn’t have to be your whole house, it can be say, the room you use as an office, your desk, that wardrobe that’s been overflowing for a while now…

Decluttering space is an amazing exercise to help lift your mood, clear your mind and feel accomplished.


Finally, you can’t really reset without switching off for a moment. Use the holiday break to have days of doing nothing or taking part in activities and places that energise you. If you’re always ‘on’ you’ll end up burned out. We always need to rest and recuperate to feel like we have the energy to keep striving.

What are your favourite ways to rest and recoup?

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