Acing your next video interview

Video interviews are becoming necessary in the professional world; and we believe they will become increasingly popular even after the restrictions from the pandemic subside. We have put together some basic tips to help you leave a good impression during your video interview.

Use a computer or laptop over your phone

It will be more professional and comfortable to use your laptop/computer. Your phone may show you at an odd angle and will also be cause for distraction as notifications pop up on the screen. Plus, most people have to hold their phone up with one hand whilst Facetiming which could be tiring in itself. Think about being in an interview setting and try to replicate that – a few people sitting across from each other.

Check your technology a little while before the interview

Of course, test out the technology beforehand including your camera, your microphone, the video conferencing tool and your internet. Make sure it is all in working order well before the interview is set to begin!

Be ready at the least 5 minutes prior

Be ready at your computer, looking over notes and logging into the call at least 5 minutes prior. This is equivalent to arriving about 10 minutes early to an interview. It shows preparedness, punctuality and general respect. It will also allow time in case of any small technical difficulties or slow downloads and connections.

Keep a plain or office background

So not to distract from you and your talent, make sure the background is relatively plain and professional. On this note, make sure the lighting in your room is bright enough so that your interviewer can see you clearly.

Make sure the camera angle is level

Don’t surprise your interviewers with a close up of your face or an angle that looks as if they could see up your nose. Place your laptop on a small box, raise your desk or adjust your camera to ensure your camera see’s you at a level height.

Be in a quiet area and ensure you won’t be interrupted

Make sure you are in a quiet space with no distracting sounds. This includes letting your family know that you are on an important call and can’t be disturbed for the next hour. 

Dress as you would for a regular job interview

This one speaks for itself, make sure you are presented well as if you would usually show up in the office on your first day of work.

Smile and make ‘eye contact’

Don’t forget, they may not be in your physical space but they can still see you and read you. Make sure to smile and make eye contact by looking at their screen rather than looking around or off into the distance.

Adhere to general job interview etiquette

Don’t fidget, look at your phone, avoid eye contact or use negative body language such as crossing your arms. Make sure you are actively listening, nodding and answering their question after they have finished speaking. Keep a good posture and speak with confidence! We have lots of great interview advice at our blog here.

Note: Of course, as usual, prepare for your interview as you would any other interview and make sure you are well researched and have some idea of common interview questions as well as your answers to them. Look over your resume before your interview to refresh what the interviewers know about you and make sure you have anecdotes and examples to share with them.

Best of luck for your interview! For tips on how to research before your interview check this step-by-step process, here.

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