10 career goals you should have in 2019

  • Learn a new skill or participate in a personal development course

More often than not, every job has room for development. Learning new skills or nurturing and evolving existing skills has huge positive effects at work. For one thing, you will feel more accomplished. You will gain confidence and feel encouraged to continue learning more. When we learn new things and expand our work responsibilities we often feel a more important sense of purpose, which will drive motivation and happiness in the workplace. And, if you work hard enough and prove your new skill to be a true asset, you may even be compensated accordingly.

  • Read a career-related book

Reading a certain number of books, let’s say 6, for the year, is a good new year resolution in general. When we read, we have the ability to expand our perception and views. We can also connect with people and feel less alone when we read things we agree with. Reading a career related book, or something motivational could assist us in changing habits, growing our thoughts and improving critical thinking. 

  • Update your resume

Even if you’re not looking for new work, update your resume and keep on top of it! This should be an annual goal, if not bi-annual. Don’t let it build up and get outdated. When you do need it, you don’t want it to take you forever to update. 

  • Aim to network

Whether through networking events, on LinkedIn or through coffee catch ups, build more of a network. Networking isn’t always the most comfortable task but it’s necessary to stay relevant and updated in your industry. We want to make sure we are aware of the latest news. You may be surprised, feeling involved and in touch is quite satisfying.

  • Improve and update your LinkedIn profile

Much like your resume (if not more important when not job searching) your LinkedIn profile should be updated at all times. A lot of communication can happen over LinkedIn and when you meet new people and network people will often look you up and connect with you. This means your profile should reflect your current position and experience.

  • Clean up and organise any physical or digital filing cabinets

Stay organised and make sure to archive files you no longer need. This can be a task that we put off forever – until we end up with a whole bunch of files, digital or not and we can’t find anything that we’re looking for in a decent amount of time, if ever. Much like updating your resume, keep on top of things to help your future self.

  • Improve your work-life balance

This one can be a tricky goal, depending on your workplace, work-life balance isn’t always easy to accomplish. But it’s worth having the talk with your manager to see what can be done if you don’t have enough time to be with family or are feeling overworked. It is becoming more common that companies will allow flexible working arrangements to assist employees to find this balance. When you improve your work life balance you will become more productive.

  • Find ways to improve movement and health at work

When we’re are at work we can forget to get up and walk around. Our bodies need movement and nourishment, sitting in a chair all day with your legs crossed probably won’t help you feel better by the end of the day. In your lunch break, try to go for a walk. Eat nutritious and healthy food that will keep you energised and alert. Stand up and walk around the office every now and again to take short breaks from staring at your computer screen.

  • Be more open and honest with colleagues

Sometimes we can get into a pickle with a colleague that we feel uncomfortable approaching. But there are diplomatic ways to express opinions. For example, if you are working with a colleague on a project and they consistently miss deadlines, in your next one on one meeting, bring up the issue and explain that you need them to do their job, so you and the rest of the team can accomplish the common goal. Tell them, you appreciate their hard work and understand other workloads but will be grateful for receiving set tasks on time. At least the issue is aired and there will be no ill talking behind others backs.

This advice works on the other side of the spectrum too. If an employee is doing amazingly, let them know. We need to encourage and reward good work ethic and make sure we connect with employees to keep them engaged and happy.

  • Get out of your comfort zone more often

Maybe some of these goals are already out of your comfort zone but it’s good to expand from what we know to what we don’t. Otherwise, how will we learn and grow? Getting out of your comfort zone can be nerve-racking at first but it will ultimately bring confidence and likely help you be free from self-doubt. When you go into situations you’re not sure about, you can sink or swim. Even when you sink, at least you went out there and made the effort, you may even learn how to better prepare yourself for the next time.