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Salary & Employment Index

Our market leading report provides a national outlook on IT & digital salaries and job vacancies. It is a more comprehensive report released quarterley that we hope you will find valuable.

Peoplebank Salary & Employment Index: Autumn 2017

Peoplebank Salary & Employment Index: Autumn 2017

Peoplebank Salary & Employment Index: Autumn 2016

Peoplebank ICT Salary & Employment Index: Autumn 2015

To learn more about salaries, contract rates and general market trends in your city, feel free to call your local Peoplebank office on 1800 PEOPLE.

Permanent Salaries

All Permanent salaries listed are base salaries only and do not include bonuses, superannuation, commissions or other benefits.

Contract Rates

Peoplebank ICT Salary Indexes for Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney include contract rates.

Please note that all rates listed are the ‘Rate to the Contractor’ only (i.e. the dailyrate paid directly to the contractor) and do not include management fees, superannuation, bonus, commissions or any other benefits or fees.

When formulating contractor ranges, as a general rule…

From: the average minimum daily rate achieved

To: the average maximum daily rate achieved

Contract rates are generally determined by the skills and experience of the individual contractor combined with the market demand for those particular skills at the time the contract was offered.

The figures provided are based on aggregate averages, some rates may fall slightly below the minimum or slightly over the maximum, however these were generally considered as exceptions.

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