Iteration Manager

Job Title: Iteration Manager
Contract Type: Contract
Location: Hartwell, Victoria
Salary: Negotiable
Start Date: ASAP
Reference: 244290_1646623479
Contact Name: James McLaughlin
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Job Published: March 07, 2022 14:26

Job Description

Iteration Manager About you:

You'll be our go-to person for applying scrum to produce high-quality work. Iteration Manager duties include managing timelines, resolving problems and coaching team members on Agile methodologies. Ultimately, you'll help create self-organizing teams that are flexible and fully productive during sprints. Your experience and skills:

You should have excellent knowledge of the scrum framework, with all its artifacts and techniques. You'll also need the ability to coordinate people and projects (occasionally facilitating changes) with your mind set on deliverables. If you're a strong communicator, a capable leader and you're invested in Agile frameworks, we'd like to meet you. Your roles and responsibilities:

* Manage each project's scope and timeline

* Coordinate sprints, retrospective meetings, and daily stand-ups

* Coach team members in Agile frameworks

* Facilitate internal communication and effective collaboration

* Be the point of contact for external communications (e.g. from customers or stakeholders)

* Work with product owners to handle backlogs and new requests

* Resolve conflicts and remove obstacles that occur

* Help teams implement changes effectively

* Ensure deliverables are up to quality standards at the end of each sprint

* Guide development teams to higher scrum maturity

* Help build a productive environment where team members 'own' the product and enjoy working on it Role requirements: * Experience in an Iteration manager role

* Familiarity with software development

* Excellent knowledge of Scrum techniques and artifacts (such as definition of done, user stories, automated testing, backlog refinement)

* Excellent communication and servant leadership skills

* Problem-solving and conflict-resolution ability

* Outstanding organizational skills

* Degree in Computer Science, Business or similar field

* Scrum master certification is a plus Responsibilities for Iteration Manager

* Lead the scrum team in using Agile methodology and scrum practices

* Helping the product owner and development team to achieve customer satisfaction

* Lead the scrum and development teams in self-organization

* Remove impediments and coach the scrum team on removing impediments

* Help the scrum and development teams to identify and fill in blanks in the Agile framework

* Resolve conflicts and issues that occur

* Help the scrum team achieve higher levels of scrum maturity

* Support the product owner and provide education where needed Qualifications for Iteration Manager

* Prior experience on a scrum team

* Ability to analyse and think quickly and to resolve conflict

* Knowledgeable in techniques to fill in gaps in the scrum * Ability to determine what is scrum and what is not

* Experience with successful Agile techniques

* Ability to work with and lead a team

* Strong communication, interpersonal and mentoring skills

* Ability to adapt to a changing environment

* Self-motivation and ability to stay focused in the middle of distraction Iteration Manager responsibilities

* Fostering Communication - creating channels and translating Scrum nuanced language

* Protecting the team - acting as a buffer for disruptive product managers and management

* Tool Maintenance - administer the Scrum tools and framework

* Reporting - creating and delivering reporting framework for team members and management

* Meeting Facilitation - sprint planning, daily scrum/stand-ups, retrospectives

* Agile Coaching - 1:1 with Scrum team members, stakeholders, and management

* Team Support - facilitating communication and resolving disagreements, tech and comfort (ie coffee runs) support

* Remove Blockers - work with the team to understand blockers, work to remove them The Iteration Manager serves the Product Owner in several ways, including:

* Ensuring that goals, scope, and product domain are understood by everyone on the Scrum Team as well as possible.

* Finding techniques for effective Product Backlog management.

* Helping the Scrum Team understand the need for clear and concise Product Backlog items.

* Understanding product planning in an empirical environment.

* Ensuring the Product Owner knows how to arrange the Product Backlog to maximise value.

* Understanding and practicing agility; and,

* Facilitating Scrum events as requested or needed. The Iteration Manager serves the Development Team in several ways, including:

* Coaching the Development Team in self-organisation and cross-functionality.

* Helping the Development Team to create high value products;

* Removing impediments to the Development Team's progress.

* Facilitating Scrum events as requested or needed; and,

* Coaching the Development Team in organisational environments in which Scrum is not yet fully adopted and understood. The Iteration Manager serves the company in several ways, including:

* Leading and coaching the company in its Scrum adoption.

* Planning Scrum implementations within the company.

* Helping employees and stakeholders understand and enact Scrum and empirical product development.

* Causing change that increases the productivity of the Scrum Team.

* Working with other Iteration Managers to increase the effectiveness of the application of Scrum in the company. What skills does a Iteration Manager need to have?

* Extensive Project Management Experience engaging in large-scale transformation projects

* Experience managing projects using, Scrum and the Agile and Waterfall methodologies

* Engaged in planning, analysis and implementation phases of the project

* Conducted change impact analysis to define and evaluate the scope and objectives of the project

* Defined project scope, goals and deliverables

* Developed the full-scale project plans and prepare communication guidelines

* Developed and implement the stakeholder communication plan ensuring successful stakeholder engagement at all levels

* Ability to adapt to changing and fast-paced environment, evolving the change solution ensuring delivery of flexibility and agility

* Understanding of efficient stakeholders' engagement within a challenging business environment * Outstanding interpersonal, leadership, communication, and facilitation skills to establish and maintain excellent working relationships in a corporate environment