Cyber Security Architect/Design Consultant

Location: Sydney CBD, New South Wales
Job Type: Contract
Posted: 3 days ago
Contact: Richard Bissitt
Reference: 205945_1600159038

The Role

Key Responsibilities

  • Create cyber security requirements specification for the infrastructure program
  • Develop an ISO/IEC 62433 compliant System Under Consideration (SuC) diagram, including partitioning into compliant zones and conduits (as noted in ISO/IEC 62433);
  • Determine the security level target (SL-T) - T
  • Identify and evaluate existing countermeasures
  • Re-evaluate the likelihood and consequence
  • Determine the residual risk
  • Compare the residual risk with the tolerable risk
  • Apply additional cyber security countermeasures
  • Document and communicate results
  • Develop and Implement Cybersecurity Requirement Specification (CRS) -
  • Play role of Lead Design Verifier (Cybersecurity)
  • Review Systems Designs

As the Lead design verifier, you must:

  • verify that the Design Documentation complies with all requirements of the project governance artefacts / agreement and that detail in drawings, reports, and specifications accurately and adequately conveys the design;
  • ensure all design verification activities are performed as required by AS/NZS ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288
  • ensure all design verification activities are performed to demonstrate that the preliminary, detailed, and IFC design will implement the Safety Requirements identified to reduce the risk of Hazards posed by the constructed and operating design So Far As Is Reasonably Practicable; ensure the evidence of the design verification activities are captured in the relevant Requirements Verification Traceability Matrix;
  • ensure that the Design Documentation for each Design Package is subject to a process of design verification that covers all aspects of the design before the submission of the Design Documentation.
  • retain and sign the completed records of scope and outcomes of design verification activities and ensure any residual post-design/construction risk is acceptable to the relevant Authority and Asset Owner.
  • Provide expert support to the Cyber Security Lead

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