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IT Networking Engineer

Jobs and recruitment opportunities

Peoplebank has more than 20 years experience in matching people with jobs, so if you’re looking for a new IT Networking Engineer opportunity, we’re the experts. We’ve got a range of permanent, temporary and contract positions available for you to browse through.

And if you’re an employer who’d like to hire an IT Networking Engineer, we’ve got a pool of talented candidates that we’re ready to match you with.

Our latest IT Networking Engineer roles

Here’s a few of our current IT Networking Engineer roles in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, and around Australia – for more search our full IT jobs database.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re often asked similar questions about our IT Networking Engineer roles:

What is an IT Manager or IT Supervisor?

IT Networking Engineers are involved in the installation, repair and servicing of computers and associated equipment. An IT Networking Engineer will specifically work on the design, installation, analysis and implementation of computer systems or networks.

They may also work to ensure that the existing network is effective and determine how it should evolve to meet new requirements of the organisation or business.

What qualifications and experience levels are required?

IT Networking Engineer roles usually require the following:

  • Bachelors Degree in Electronics, Computing, Computer Systems or Software Engineering

What employment opportunities are available?

IT Networking Engineers can work in large or small companies in IT specific industries or other industries requiring IT expertise. Companies that manufacture and sell computing equipment often employ IT Networking Engineers.

They work closely on client hardware and software installation, and also provide general product support. With experience and sufficient start-up money, there are opportunities for self-employment.

Does this sound like you?

Whether you’re looking for your next IT Networking Engineer job or recruiting for a similar role – call us on 1800 PEOPLE (1800 736 753) or contact us.


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