We have created a suite of frequently asked questions and answers, which are designed to assist you with the most common payroll queries that we receive.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers, which are designed to assist our PAYG contractors with the most common pay related queries that we receive.

(a) What documentation am I required to submit before my first payment can be made?
The following items are located in your Starter Pack and must be completed and returned to your Account Manager, prior to the commencement of your contract.

- Signed Contract, including Appendix B OH&S Guidelines
- Contractor Information Form
- Tax File Number Declaration
- Work Rights Check - Australian citizens: citation of passport; or citizenship with drivers licence; or birth certificate with drivers licence. Visa holders: citation of passport.

If you are choosing your own Super Fund you must provide:
- Standard Choice Form
- Super Fund Compliance Letter

If you require assistance please call 1800 PEOPLE to speak with your Account Manager.
(b) What else do I need to know if I am a PAYG contractor?
2.5% Administration Fee:

The 2.5% PAYG Administration Fee is deducted from your pay rate before tax, as detailed in your contract. The pay rate after the 2.5% PAYG Administration Fee deduction will appear on your payslip, as your taxable income has already been reduced and taxed accordingly.


PAYG pay rates are inclusive of 9% superannuation, as detailed in your contract. You have the right to elect your own fund, if you do not wish to elect Peoplebank or Ambit’s default superannuation fund BT Lifetime Super-Employer Plan.

NOTE: If choosing your own Super Fund a Standard Choice Form and Super Fund Compliance Letter is required. The Standard Choice Form can be found in your Starter Pack or downloaded from the ATO website: To obtain a Compliance Letter contact your Super Fund.
(c) Where can I find all forms relevant to payroll (timesheets, pay cycle, expense claims forms)?
If you submit your time worked via a Peoplebank or Ambit timesheet, all forms relevant to our payroll processes can be located under the menu tab: Payroll.
(d) When am I paid?
In order to receive payment, a complete and approved time sheet must be submitted by MONDAY COB (weekly pay cycle). Timesheets received after the cut-off will be processed the following week.

If the client where you are contracting requires you to complete and submit a Calendar Month timesheet (please refer to MONTHLY pay cycle), timesheet submission cut-off is the 2nd BUSINESS DAY for the previous calendar month and EFT is on the 5th BUSINESS DAY.

- EFT transmission is every THURSDAY (for changes to EFT dates due to public holidays please refer to our latest pay cycle document, which is located under the menu tab Payroll>Pay Cycle Information).

- Please allow 1 to 2 days from transmission (EFT) date for payments to reach your Bank Account.
(e) How do I ensure that I am paid on time?
- If you are not required to submit a client timesheet, Peoplebank and Ambit timesheets can be downloaded from the payroll section of the portal.

- Please check that your timesheet is completed properly by ensuring that it is client approved, you have recorded the correct (week ending) date & taken out all breaks.

- If you are faxing your timesheet, please ensure that you check that it is facing the correct way on the fax machine.

- Once your timesheet has been approved please fax it to 1300 655 630.

- Alternatively you can email your timesheet to the email address, located on your Peoplebank or Ambit timesheet.

- If you log your time worked on a client based time sheeting system and you do not send your timesheets directly to Peoplebank or Ambit, your time needs to be logged and client approved by the client submission cut off.

- To avoid late payment please ensure that Peoplebank/Ambit receives your approved time worked by the submission cut-off time. It is your responsibility to ensure that your approved time worked, is received by Peoplebank/Ambit on time and completed correctly.

- Please ensure you download a copy of your pay cycle document for EFT and timesheet submission dates, covering all upcoming public holidays for the year ahead. This document can be located under menu tab: Payroll>Pay Cycle Information.

PLEASE NOTE: submission and EFT dates will change due to public holidays both in NSW and your given state. Please refer to our pay cycle schedule.
(f) How do I know that my timesheet has been received?

Always check and keep your confirmation slip to ensure that the fax transmission was successful. If we do not receive your timesheet for any reason, the confirmation slip will assist us in tracking and identifying any problems.


You will receive an automated email response to notify you that time sheet has been received.
(g) How do I open my payment advice?
When you sign your contract you will also be asked to fill out a Contractor Information Form. On this form you are required to provide the email address that you wish to receive your payment advice. If you would like your payment advice to be password protected, you may also nominate a password on this form.
(h) How do I read my payment advice?
A Payment Advice Key can be located under the menu tab: Payroll>Payment Advice Key.
(i) Will I be taxed correctly if I miss a time sheet submission?
Your tax is averaged over the number of timesheets that are paid for each pay run. If you would like to confirm and calculate your taxable income visit:
(j) How can I salary sacrifice?
Your tax is averaged over the number of timesheets that are paid for each pay run. If you would like to confirm and calculate your taxable income visit:

Peoplebank offers the following salary packaging options for our PAYG contractors:

- Salary Sacrificing for ATO approved items (e.g. notebook, mobile phone handset, training,
professional membership fees/subscriptions, etc…)
- Superannuation Salary Packaging (to commence, modify or terminate additional payments)
- Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA)

Visit the Benefits page or contact for more information.
(k) How do I claim reimbursement for my expenses?
Expense forms can be located under the menu tab: Payroll>Timesheets and Expenses.

In accordance with ATO requirements, expenses reimbursements and allowances (travel/per diems/KM allowances) will appear in the gross payment amount on your payment summary, at the end of each financial year. Expenses incurred may be claimed as a tax deduction at least equal to the amount of the reimbursement or allowance. You will need to keep the necessary written evidence to substantiate the deduction claimed for the expenses, when lodging your personal income tax return.
(l) How do I update my personal details?
To change your bank account details simply contact our payroll team on the details below.
For all other changes to your personal details, please contact your Account Manager.

If you have any pay related queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our Payroll team.