Employer of Choice for Gender Equality 2016 WGEA 2016

Employer of Choice for Gender Equality 2016 Citation

Do you work for a company that is an Employer of … Read More →

Where Have the A, O and B in Peoplebank and Porterallen Gone? peoplebank-bbd-banner

If you’re reading this, you’ve spotted letters have suddenly gone missing from our beloved Peoplebank and Porterallen logos. You’ve probably … Read More →

Peoplebank retain their place on the SA Government Temporary Staffing panel media-update

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A Step for Success peoplebank-step-success


Steptember has officially come to a close. And, with much delight, we’re … Read More →

How to improve your health, productivity and community peoplebank-productivity-motivation

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Peoplebank Steps into Steptember steptember

This month, Peoplebank is participating in Steptember. Steptember is a month long charity initiative aiding the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. In … Read More →

10 jobs around Australia earning $120K or more salary-index-autumn-2016

Sydney, Australia, 19 May 2016. Peoplebank, Asia Pacific’s leading IT and digital recruitment agency, has today released the Autumn 2016 edition of its ICT Salary and Employment Index (S&EI), highlighting 10 jobs based around Australia where salaries are being offered at a minimum of AU$120,000 per annum. Read more →

Traditional to Digital technology_digital

As an ever-increasing amount of jobs transition from ‘traditional’ to ‘digital’, the fight for talent has become significantly fiercer, as employers try to attract and retain the best and most skilled professionals.

#100womenintech – Discover the Next 100 Women in Technology #100WomenInTech

To classify #100womenintech as a one off diversity event would not do this program justice.

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Salaries soar for developers and IT project managers as demand for digital skills outweighs supply in Australia Salary & Employment Index Summer 2016

Sydney, Australia, 28 January 2016. Peoplebank, Australia’s leading IT recruitment agency, has today released the Summer 2016 edition of its … Read More →